Work with Shilo

I have been very happy to receive commissions from both commercial enterprises and private customers during the last six months.  Some customers have purchased my fabric by the metre for upholstery purposes and curtains. A design team in London purchased my entire collection of textiles to frame on the walls of their new building in central London !  Others have requested specific colours and products to work with their furniture,interiors, colour schemes and for particular gifts.

As a small business I am very flexible and able to tailor my work to suit you, your needs and preferences.

I have worked hard to develop a network of incredibly skilled people in the U.K and to create a seamless production process which I can rely on. As a team we are able to provide quality pieces which can be used for weddings, parties or special events. We are able to print on many different fabrications and create work specifically for you, so get in touch so we can help realise your ideas and discuss the exciting possibilities.

I am always open to prospective collaborations and interesting, inspiring projects, whether they are purely artistic, commercial, technology based, groundbreaking or traditional.